Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Story Writing

Room 1 Story Writing

We have been doing Narrative Writing in our class. Here are some of the great stories that we have written...

The Seed    By Dominic Franks

One day we got a pot and it had nothing in it. No soil and no seed in that pot so I bought a seed and a watering can and those things were helpful. I watered their seed for many years but one day a terrible storm came and ripped my plant out of the soil and it got damaged and I was crying. It was my favourite plant on Earth, but it was too late to water.

I was really sad that another storm was coming again and that was the worst day of my life. I was so sad that I did not want to buy another seed but a person called  and  gave me another plant and I said “No” because I
didn’t want to have another plant.

Scrooge by Elijah Hewitt
Chapter 1
Scrooge met Ghost Count Dracula.  Scrooge slipped under him and then jumped on Ghost Dracula to get the key to unlock the small cage. He did unlock the cage. He met Elijah. Then a statue moved and the statue was made of diamonds. It fell down on Dracula. Dracula was dead.

Chapter 2
Elijah ran away and Scrooge ran into a giant bumble bee. Then Elijah ran back to help. The bees hated him and flew away. Then Scrooge went into the Enchanted Woods. Scrooge saw Elijah hanging from a branch. Scrooge unlocked the chains. The boss of the jungle came to kill Scrooge.
“Oh dear!” said Scrooge.

Chapter 3
Scrooge had to destroy the boss of the jungle. The boss of the jungle hit Scrooge. Elijah ran back to help. Along came Luigi to help Scrooge.

Ben Ten by Jake Mc Guire

Chapter 1

Ben Ten was fighting the bad guy called Flash Guy because he had been destroying the world. The Ben Tens were in danger because Flash Guy was trying to fly around with his huge hammer smashing the world. Ben Ten had to save them and he did. Ben Ten and the good guys all fought Flash Guy and locked him in cages but they didn’t kill him. The bad guys still are powerful. They are so powerful. The cool guys didn’t know that they were so powerful. Flash Guy started to make a new bad guy who was more powerful than Ben Ten.

Chapter 2: The Party
They all went to a party. The party was on. Ben Ten went to the party. Then he went fighting because he had to do his work and if he didn’t kill the bad guy he would get sprayed by a hard hose. He didn’t kill the bad guy.
The bad guy did a front flip over Ben Ten then he escaped from Ben Ten. He fought the bad guy.

ET by Hunter

ET was dead and he is alive now. Here is how it happened. ET died
from not breathing. He looked old and wrinkly like an old grandmother
or grandfather.

by Zion

    One day there was a magic person. The person could fly up in the high sky. The sky was blue and white. He touched the cloud. The cloud was soft. It felt like a soft mattress. The mattress was so soft that he got stuck on the ground. His mouth was open. He was asleep. The cloud could not eat enough but he was still magic a little. He still got his fluffy powers so he used it and it did work so much that he went so fast. He was on fire because of the brakes...

by Zion

There was a bridge. It was very long. The long bridge was as long as the Titanic but just then the bridge broke into half. There was a person on the bridge. He was not on the bridge. “Where is he?” said one of the people.
“Could God save him?” He was flying in the sky. It was a Friday in April and he was flying….

by Keelan

Potfizz was a blue guy and Squid had a normal body and squid legs. Squid carried a sword and a bobble gun. Lord Chaos was a black guy with a black man-dress on and he had a slave who was green with pointy elf-like ears.

Potfizz and Squid got told that Lord Chaos was getting a big red fish. He was taking it out of the fish-shaped rock so that he could make it destroy all the people in Skylander World.

“NO!” Potfizz and Squid were afraid that Lord Chaos would destroy their friends. They thought that Lord Chaos wasn’t going to get away with his plan because they would do their movement attacks.

Potfizz and Squid attacked the rocks that were going to turn the big fish into a bad fish. The rocks couldn’t send lines to attack the fish so the fish stayed being a good fish and Lord Chaos lost.

By Jasmine

One day Princess Pink was walking her dog when she found a big big bird. It was beautiful. She saw a chick too. It was cute. She loved it. It chirped and chirped. It landed on the ground. She went home and she found a rainbow and it was raining. Her ponies were wet and cold but they had two blankets. Princess Pink had two ponies. One day it was Princess Pink’s birthday and her friends came over to her house for her birthday. They played Pass the Parcel.

by Jasmine

I fell down the stairs and it was scary. I broke my arm and my mum was surprised. I was screaming. It was very painful. I had to go to the doctors.

Tangled     by Alannah Chessum

Once upon a time there was a queen. She was going to have a baby. She was very sick. Soon she had her baby. They named her Tangled.

That night the wicked witch came. She stole the baby and took her overseas. She found an owl. She was trapped in a town far far away. She remembered her family. She was trapped in the tower. It was locked. She could not get out.

Tangled started to cry. She ran to her bedroom and lay on her bed. Tangled had super long hair. The tower was so tall nobody could climb it. Her parents looked and looked for her but never found her. She was so lost. She was so so lost.

Tangled stayed in the tower until she was 16 years old. Her birthday was going to be the next day. But she was still in the tower. One day a boy called Rider was running. He saw the tower. He climbed the tower. When he got up it, he said, “Alone at last!”

Just that minute, Tangled met him with a frying pan.  The owl put its beak in his ear. Then he woke up.

My Birthday Bike by Ashton

I had a birthday. It was fun. I played pass the parcel and we played Tiger Tiger. I got a present. It was a dirt bike. It was green. I am good at riding my bike. I can do wheelies over ramps and I can do flips and I can do one wheelie. My bike goes fast and it has a key with it. It is fun. I like it.

The Crab by Ashton

One day a baby crab was walking on the sand. He was washed away from the water. He didn’t like it. He was screaming. He was panicking.
“Help!” he said. Nobody helped him.
He died.

Despicable Me    by Jordan

Once upon a time there was a man named Grew. He was a spy and he was wanting to steal everything from the bank. He was a very grave spy and he had a million cousins. He wanted to steal a shrink ray and a freeze ray. A shrink ray is something that shrinks things like the moon.  He wanted to shrink the moon so he could hold it and make a toy for his girls. A freeze ray is something that freezes stuff. He wanted to steal the freeze ray because he wanted to freeze the bad people in the bank. He wanted to go to his secret lab so he could get ready to steal the moon. Grew went to the moon in a rocket and he used the shrink ray to shrink the moon and he made it a toy for the girls. 

Joel Diprose   New Entrant

Elijah Gatt New Entrant

Sharlise Henderson   New Entrant

Kristen Algie   New Entrant

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