Sunday, 27 July 2014

Sparkly Explosion


This term we are learning more about what it's like to be a scientist. 

We found out that everybody can be a scientist just by investigating the wonder and awe of God's creation. Not all scientists look like this...

Some of them might just look like this...

Today we investigated what would happen when we add vinegar, baking soda, blue glitter and red food colouring.

Here are our findings...

1. We named and studied the ‘ingredients’ that would be used to carry out our investigation- vinegar, baking soda, blue glitter and red food colouring. We used our senses to ask questions and make observations about the vinegar, we also talked about the texture and what it felt like between our fingers.

2. Our teacher described what we would be doing and we made predictions as to what we thought was going to happen. Our teacher recorded our predictions in the modeling book.

3. Together we added the ingredients and watched what happened. We observed what was happening, using words like bubbling, flowing, growing, exploding. We were encouraged to share why we thought this had happened, but we found this more difficult than predicting the outcome.

Tadaaa!!!  We created a sparkly explosion.

4. After our discussion we wrote what had happened in our Science Journal. Some of us needed help to write and draw what had happened. But we all had great fun in our learning today!

5. We enjoyed this lesson so much and wanted to do it again. So... our teacher said that next week we will do the same investigation using different variables. (a fancy word that means we will use different things like pepper, rice, salt, etc) Watch this space for next week's Science Investigation.

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