Thursday, 28 August 2014

Making Oobleck in Science

In Science we investigated what would happen when cornflour is mixed with water...

First we felt the dry cornflour. It was soft and velvety. Jake thought it felt just like a rubber glove.

Next we began to add a little bit of coloured water at a time. It was very stiff and hard to stir- but we didn't give up.

We mixed and mixed..... then we started to use our hands.

At first the oobleck felt runny but when we squeezed it in our hands it turned into a ball.

Some of the comments made by the Room 1 learners when asked,
"What does the oobleck look like, feel like, smell like, taste like?"

... it feels squishy and soft
... mine keeps melting out of my hand
.... smells like plastic
...tastes like cupcakes
... awesome on my fingers
... squeaky when you stir it
... hard to stir
... looks like cement
.... like white powder

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