Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Term 1 so far...

Caterpillar Art

In Maths and Art, we created a caterpillar and numbered each of its segments. We had fun using balloons to print the round shapes.

The boys wondered how long our classroom is... So together we made a line of cubes from one side to the other. We then measured it with metre rulers. We found out that out classroom is nearly 7 meters long.

At T.T.A.A.

We had a powhiri; our host school welcomed us, prayed for us and
we sang some songs.
We all enjoyed some delicious kai (food).
Antonio played the Maori drum.
It was his very first day at 
Horizon School.
We learnt to play and sing a Maori stick song.

Back in the classroom... Noah wrote his sentence on our reading table.

Cameron and Maya counted a set of 33 objects!
Noah has four dinosaurs.

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